women won't vote for Hillary because we wear the same bra....

by Leah Bieler

I've been wondering, as I watch the coverage about the campaign, why so little is said about the truly radical possibility that we could, possibly, elect the first female president in November. Like it's no big deal. But here's why I think it IS a big deal. From Huffpost Women.


You remember the feeling. You watched all night as the numbers started to build. Your heart skipped a beat when you heard that another state was being called. At some point, as the wins stacked up, and the Republicans on FOX News went into full panic mode, you could feel it becoming true. 

America had elected an African-American president. It was exciting to be on the winning side, but it was more than that. It felt like a cleansing of sorts. Like absolution. Sure, our country had a history of racism and slavery and Jim Crow and lynchings, but maybe, in this one act, we had gotten ourselves on the road past our legacy of oppression.


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