sunday in the park with Bernie

by Leah Bieler

As a kid, I described myself as a socialist, proud of my (semi) radical roots. In many ways my political goals remain surprisingly unchanged. What has changed is my perspective. I'm way more concerned about employing effective tactics than about being true to my ideals no matter the cost. Sometimes, that makes me look like the bad guy. In today's HuffPost Politics I examine an aspect of the presidential campaign that may be familiar to some of you from your own lives.


I hate being the bad guy. But no matter what I do, there it is. It follows me. Sticks to my shoe like week-old gum, which, even though I've scraped it out with a bamboo skewer, still stubbornly connects with the floor, then lingers for a fraction of a second, holding me back. When I try to run from it, it becomes my shadow, just as fast as I am, but skinnier. 

I could blame my kids. The four of them have made my life into an endless series of responsibilities that pursue me even in sleep. I bolt up at 3 a.m., unable to remember if I've filled out the latest form, sent in the appropriate check, without which my child will never get into Princeton. And while I'm up, did I remember to call the plumber about that leak?

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