apologizing is easy, forgiveness is hard

by Leah Bieler

Up till now I haven’t written anything about the incident highlighted in this essay in the Forward. But nearly a year has passed, and the upcoming holidays have been a powerful motivator in thinking about forgiveness. There will continue to be detectives and DAs and upcoming court dates in our future, and we can’t control it even one bit. But this, forgiveness, this is entirely in my power.

Here’s what I’ve learned this year. Apologizing is easy. Forgiveness is harder.

Nearly a year ago, our family home was broken into by a man with a knife. We’ve spent many months grappling with how, and if, our lives should change as a result. With the days of repentance approaching, my thoughts turn towards forgiveness.

But how can I forgive when I never got an apology? While I deeply desire offering forgiveness to my assailant, how can I do that when the one word I need to hear from him has yet to be forthcoming? How to get past this grave sin committed against me and my family when the sinner wont say the words?

I decided I had to say them for him.

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