Shooing away the birds

by Leah Bieler

I'm supposed to be excited about the embassy move to Jerusalem, which we all know is the capital city. But it's not turning out the way everyone hoped it would have. 


Maybe I just never noticed them before. I’ve been spending more time writing on my covered front porch, having recently acquired some comfy outdoor seating. It seems there are at least four birds’ nests in my field of vision from my own cushy perch. Likely there are more. I shouldn’t be surprised, living out here in the wilderness nearly 25(!) minutes outside of Boston. We have deer – sometimes as many as 15 or 20 at a time, foxes, wild turkeys, groundhogs, owls. It’s a regular wild kingdom. Most of them keep a small but respectable distance from the front door.

The birds, though, have a little more chutzpah. They fly directly over my head as they journey from nest to nest, some atop the porch pillars themselves, feeding the babies whose beaks peek out of the top, spread wide open ready to accept their bounty.

If you think this sounds idyllic, then maybe I didn’t describe it correctly. The birds are flying right above my head.

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