the real life consequences of fake bombs

by Leah Bieler

I'm back from vacation, a little tanner, or as tan as one can get wearing layers of SPF 70 at all times. By way of a 'welcome back to the U.S.,' I was bombarded by stories of desecrated cemeteries and evacuated schools/JCCs. Since at the moment there's nothing to be done to halt these attacks, I think we need to talk about how best to react as a community. And I'd love to hear more suggestions. It takes a village. Also, it's my birthday, so maybe no bomb threats today, bad guys? 


I was on vacation last week, in a largely vain attempt to escape the news. So I plugged my feet into the sand on the ocean’s edge, trying to warm up my New England core, but I found myself sinking deeper with each successive wave.

While I was hiding with my feet buried in the sand, an old friend sent me a note. She attached a post from a ‘secret’ Facebook group. It was about a parent pulling a child from a JCC nursery school out of fear from the recent spate of bomb threats. And I found myself surprised. Which is silly, of course. Why should it be surprising that a parent who fears for their child’s safety might put that child in a local secular school, rather than hold their breath each time another evacuation flashes on the screen?

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