what comes next

by Leah Bieler

In the surreal weeks since the election, I've struggled with what positive steps we can take to change the direction in which we seem to be moving. Not just the US, but the Jewish community as well, seem to be hunkering down in an us vs. them posture, which gives us just enough distance from our foes that we feel comfortable speaking our minds, no matter the cost. Or maybe the price has become too cheap to bother. So, in response, my plea. 


“You should be ashamed of yourself!” Could a phrase, an admonition, feel any more out-of-date? Who in their right minds thinks they have the authority to tell me I should be embarrassed about my behavior? First amendment rights and all, I can say whatever I please. Freedom of speech, yada, yada, yada.


True. Nearly all of the time, we can say whatever we want without fear of prosecution. A certain vocal segment of the population, railing against ‘political correctness,’ has been complaining for years that they are unfairly constrained in their speech. Unable to express what they truly want to express. Shamed into remaining silent.

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