don't believe the headlines

by Leah Bieler

As I sit avoiding the news about tonight's debate, here's something to take your mind off. Ignore the sensational headline. We're all perfectly fine. No need to arrange a candlelight vigil or anything. But the Trumpian winds are blowing and they encourage just this kind of bad behavior. So, vote early and often. This piece appears in today's Kveller.


I live in a notoriously Jew-y suburb. Local summer camps serve only heckshered (kosher certified) snacks, club sports play on Sundays, and Supercuts has a line out the door right before Passover. For a religious family, this makes life easier in a whole host of ways. And, to ease my liberal conscience, the town has a startling diversity, with numerous churches, a mosque, and a Hindu temple.

So, despite alarms sounded daily on my Facebook feed, there are ways in which I am shielded from anti-Semitism here in my bubble, and my children are, as well. I feel unabashedly good about this.


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