on holocaust board games and other lessons

by Leah Bieler

I often find myself in a funny place when it comes to parenting. I am (relatively) strict with my kids, but (very) permissive when it comes to their access to information. So, I don't censor what they read, I rarely censor what movies they watch, I am comfortable answering nearly any kind of question. This blog post on the Forward was inspired by my childhood experience and an innocent question from my then five year old about the holocaust.


“So, children, tell me how you came to Theresienstadt.”

Thus began my seventh grade intro to Shoah education. Not that we hadn’t been learning about the Holocaust for most of our day school careers. There was the yearly replica of Yad Vashem, where each grade was responsible for a booth, countless Holocaust-themed books and reports, and the rite of passage that we liked to call, “create a board game based on the book Night by Elie Wiesel.”

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