What my bully was thinking

by Leah Bieler

In light of all the controversy lately over whether bullying is an effective governing tactic, here's my latest Huffington Post blog on bullies.

-Leah Bieler


I was bullied as a child. Not the relentless, unbearably cruel, sickening kind of bullying that you read about only after the victim has taken her own life. It was the run-of-the-mill mean girl bullying that left me crying at home after school and being ever-so-slightly more reluctant to speak up in class -- and beyond. Truly, it sucked. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. But, since more than a few kids will recognize the story, maybe even identify, here goes.

In sixth grade I was, like most girls, in flux. A straight-A student, I spent all of my hours outside of school (and studying) at the dance studio. I was an early developer, though, and was slowly coming to a disappointing realization. I was unlikely to grow taller than my statuesque 5'1", and my once-smooth dancer's body was becoming a little more Dolly Parton each day. No matter how well I pirouetted, I was never going to be a ballerina.

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